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How long does it take to transport a vehicle?

There are several factors that affect transportation times:

  • ▪ Varying pick-up times (see above)
  • ▪ The total distance between pick-up and delivery
  • ▪ Uncontrollable factors such as weather conditions, traffic, and truck maintenance
  • ▪ Trip planning

Generally, most coast-to-coast moves take between 10 and 14 days. Transit times up and down the coasts range from 3 to 10 days. Inclement weather, traffic, and truck maintenance may lengthen transit time, depending on their severity. Trip planning and route coordination is determined by current orders. For example, if your vehicle is the last to load and the first to unload, the transit time will be drastically reduced. If your vehicle is the first to load and the last to unload, the transportation time will be lengthened.

Pick-up dates and delivery times are not guaranteed. Guaranteed and immediate pick-ups are available at an additional cost.